Services we currently offer

The editor surface of Museumsys® enables to access, create, edit and control all of the digital content and functions of the exhibition.
Every exhibition is special, so we prepared our system to be versatile, adaptable and creative for creative users. We offer:

  • General digital content display

  • Multi-language setup

  • Custom graphical approaches

  • Modular, versatile system for versatile users

  • Special consoles and unique display solutions

  • QR, individual identification of your visitors

  • Special control system (light and sound effects, timers)

  • Flexible management of content and timers

  • Easy-to use, clear editor surface

  • Audio guide services on the customer’s phone

  • Games: puzzles and quizzes

  • Picture kiosks, data sending terminals

  • Special or unique solutions

  • Easy-to use controlling surface: automatic or by hand

Undoubtedly, the most important part of an exhibition is the cultural content itself, collected and presented in the show. Temporary or permanent, collecting and composing content requires enormous effort and investment of resources from the staff.

Museumsys® was created to support the whole process from planning through construction and opening, and in the end, easy everyday operation of the exhibition. Creators can integrate modern elements to spice up the show and bring custom and spectacular ideas to life. Many different types of content can be forged and presented.

Museumsys® includes an online editor software, a controlling unit, and installation of physical items  if needed.

We offer a wide range of solutions for unique needs in graphical approaches of the templates and general design.

We provide templates styled perfectly for the content and surroundings. They are easy to fill up with pictures, text, videos and animations. These contents can be updated, modified or improved by the staff, without the need of a professional developer, anytime later.

The software of the Museumsys® includes an easy-to use, clear cut editor surface. It has a top-view layout with all the information and controlling of the available devices, a creator and editor system for many different contents and a system controlling unit optimized for mobile phone or tablet.

The platform enables to display multiple languages that can be real-time chosen on the touchscreen by the visitor. During production, ready contents can be copied between language variation surfaces so it is enough to change texts only.

This system can be adapted to the plans of the exhibition without makig the arrangement and its usage overly complicated. All the custom templates, virtual or physical devices are handed to the customer ready-to-use, so he can apply it immediately and easily.

Different kinds of timers, automation, lightplays, audio-visual effects are available. The template can be adjusted by the user depending on the needs: orientation or automation of touchscreens and projections on the floor or a wall.

QR codes printed on visitors’ tickets can be used to identify them individually, for example to enable extra services or give entrance to special rooms in the exhibition.

The software enables to arrange devices into subgroups so we can control or automate them individually. All the available devices are individually controllable, too.

It is possible to give the visitors access to an online Visitors Guide system through their own phones. They can listen to audio materials, augmented reality content, galleries, games and information collected from the exhibition on-site and even from home. Time restriction is available if needed.

Different kinds of quizzes, puzzles and games can be created from the content of the exhibition, that are usually rather popular.

After installing special infrastructure, it is possible to make photos with a digital background of choice. The finished picture can be sent to the email-address of the visitor. Similarly, it is possible to make and send digitally signed documents; for example a special archive document signed by the visitor.

We are open to discuss individual or extraordinary solutions in the area of digitally augmented exhibitions.


Museumsys® is an integrated system with software, server and hardware. We have a couple of different devices to choose from:

  • Touchscreen console

  • Touchscreen table

  • Ticker-screen: client-to client control

  • Audio player and its control system

  • Videoplayer and its control system

  • Other kinds of electric control systems

  • Light control, lightplay