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Information technology plays an increasingly important role with museums, providing essential services for both museum experts and the audience. Modern society, especially younger generations pose special challenges museums must face, which can be easily managed by a well thought out, adaptable and properly implemented information technology system.


The MuseumSys® system includes a software-based content editor interface, a controlling unit, as well as the implementation of physical devices if so required.

Let us take a closer look at the components MuseumSys®  is made of!

Our Software

What kinds of services do we offer?

The essence of an exhibition is the collection of all the items, stories, message and information gathered and presented. Temporary or permanent, creating these contents requires enormous effort and input from designers, curators and museum experts. MuseumSys was engineered to support and simplify this process. With versatile functions and services, it enables creation and presentation of many different kinds of content. This way, MuseumSys can enrich your visitors’ experience to be a colorful, meaningful and lasting memory.

Custom Graphic Design

Editor interfaces are created as unique templates, with custom design and mechanisms to fit your needs, built to match your exhibition in style and functional elements. We gladly cooperate with the graphic designer entrusted with the creation of your exhibition design, or we can offer our own designer’s assistance.

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Museumsys admin editor surface with multiple content templates to choose from

MuseumSys® Hardware

MuseumSys®—An Integrated System

MuseumSys is an integrated system: software and hardware combined. There are many solutions and devices to choose from, dependeing on the requirements of the design or the content you want to display. Let us see these choices!

Touchscreen Console

This is our self-developed and manufactured touchscreen console, equipped with a special so-called Krion housing material. Its anti-glare glass surface is covered by top-quality touchfilm and the whole device is easy to clean and hygienic. The Krion housing can be modified with sticker designs or can be coated with foil of any color or pattern to fit the exhibition’s theme.

Visitor's Guide

Contents Available Thorugh the Visitor’s Own Phone

Our MuseumSys Visitor’s Guide module allows visitors to explore special exhibition content or even standalone digital content with their own smartphones or the museum’s rentable tablets. This module is an integral part of the MuseumSys system, its content can be created and managed through the same editor interface. Visitor’s Guide contents are displayed in a browser: there is no need to force visitors to download huge apps to their smartphones.

a homepage from the Museumsys Visitor's Guide module


You can set a landing page where you welcome your guests, and give a short description on how to use the Visitor’s Guide. Links placed on the bottom can immediately navigate visitors to the map view or the augmented reality site. Visitors can access the module via its URL or via scanning the QR code placed near the entrance or printed on their ticket.

A top-view map type menu from the Museumsys Visitor's Guide module

Map View

This view is a kind of menu—you can upload a top-view map of the exhibition, an abstract map, or any other type of visual layout. You can create active zones, touchable button areas on the map in any size, shape or number with the MuseumSys® editor interface. Touching these zones redirect visitors to the appropriate uploaded contents.

Menu with wide thumbnails from the Visitor's Guide module

Photo Maps

Pictures taken directly of the room or hall can be uploaded as a map, as well. Visitors can open these pictures of the actual site they are seeing, and using the active touch zones edited over the picture, they can access contents about the items and architecture they are observing in real life. It helps to clearly identify the objects observed, may it be a distant detail in a huge church interior, or removable and viewable books of a large bookshelf structure.

A menu from the Museumsys Visitor's Guide module


You can upload content to the Vistor’s Guide as a series of logically linked steps, which lead visitors through the exhibition step-by-step. All the content is accessible from here at any time, like with a sitemap, but unneeded content can also be hidden. Visitors can find content from earlier parts of the exhibition even when they have already left the area they wish to recall.

a gallery page from the Museumsys Visitor's Guide module, with a picture and text

Content Pages: Text and Gallery

Texts and pictures are the backbone of the contents uploaded to the Visitor’s Guide. They enhance the content the main part of the exhibition offers—additional short stories or anectdotes can be shared about the collection via text, and visitors can zoom into pictures and see the items in more detail.

the audio playing page the Museumsys Visitor's Guide module

Audio, Video Content

Aside from their self-explanatory function, audio and video content can be a great tool to help visually impaired or elderly people enjoy the exhibition more. Place a Visitor’s Guide tag near an exhibit, and visitors will be able to access audio content through it, e.g. the module can read written descriptions aloud, or various other exhibition content can be provided in audio form, as well. We provide information about these tags in the next section.

Augmented reality printscreen of a virtual bird sitting on a real flowering tree branch from the Visitor's Guide module

Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality service of the MuseumSys Visitor’s Guide enables the scanning of so-called ArUco codes or tags with any smartphone camera, and provides access to special content we create, and display virtual elements, labels, pictures or videos in the part of reality seen though the device’s camera lense. If you place Visitor’s Guide tags in a clever way inside a park or botanical garden, you can spice up the space with animals, fictional creatures and characters viewable in AR. You can create AR quizzes and games by integrating MuseumSys® Visitor’s Guide module.

language selection screen for the Museumsys Visitor's Guide

Language Choice

Entering the module on their phones, visitors can choose which exhibition they want to see and can choose their preferred language. The language can be reselected any time from within the module. Many languages can be uploaded at the same time.

Authentication screen for the Museumsys Visitor's Guide without the code filled in


You can offer your guests free use of MuseumSys Visitor’s Guide, or it can be a paid service. In the latter case, multiple authentication methods can be made available at the casher’s desk—scanning a QR code, entering a numbered passcode manually, or you can also ask for the visitor’s email address and send them an authentication mail.

About Us

Museumsys® is a digital exhibition division inside our company 2KAL Kft. We began developing exhibition information technology back in 2005. We have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience since then, based on which we have created this modular and versatile system for the unusual needs arising in this particular field. Every exhibition is unique, so our goal was to develop a software that is easy to tailor to different project needs. We are committed to continuously develop MuseumSys and offer new creative solutions, devices and services to our Customers, and through them, to the community of museum visitors.

We are delighted to see all exceptional exhibitions and creative solutions our customers produce with the help of our system, and we are grateful for the opportunity of being able to contribute to lasting and amazing visitor experiences and the joy of every age-group.

We do our very best to contribute to the success of your exhibition, from planning to construction. Contact us so we may greet you among our satisfied customers!

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